Now available DomainPatrol Social 14

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We are glad to present DomainPatrol Social 14 with support for IBM Connections 6.0 CR4.

In addition, we also added a couple of useful functions.

Communities ACL by user
Add/Remove/Change ACL for communities based on selected users.

Improved usage reports
Get a deeper understanding of what content has been created and used in your Connections environment.

Additional gui-based admin commands

Graphical user interface for some of the most used Administrator commands (wsadmin)


So contact us today if you want a free trial of the administration tool DomainPatrol Social for IBM Connections. The unique solution for a flexible IBM Connections environment which makes content movable and solves complex user issues.


Välkommen till GDPR Meetup – vad hinner du egentligen med på 72 timmar?

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Välkommen på GDPR-frukost Meetup!

Den nya Data Protection Regulation från EU säger att ett dataintrång måste rapporteras inom 72 timmar. Så långt är allt klart. Utmaningen vi nu står inför är att vara redo med rutiner på vad som ska hinnas med på de 72 timmarna.

– Var upptäcktes intrånget?
– Vilka delar av verksamheten drabbas och kan skadas?
– Kan intrånget spridas till andra delar?
– Har vi någon action plan för att täppa till säkerhetshålet?

Utan ett loggverktyg eller en SIEM-lösning som samlar in information om säkerhetshändelser i din miljö data är det i princip omöjligt att formulera en överblick över intrånget och rapportera det. Än mindre sätta in åtgärder för att lösa problemet.

Under mötet berättar och diskuterar vi om hur du kan upptäcka händelser i realtid och förbereda dig för ett eventuellt intrång.

Spendera dina 72 timmar på omedelbar avhjälpning och snabb rapportering till de drabbade.

Michael Albek har arbetat inom SIEM området i mer än tio år och han kommer att krydda presentationsdelen med flera verkliga intrång som han arbetat med.

Infoware bjuder på frukost!

Talare: Ulf Stider, Infoware och Michael Albek, SecureDevice

Tisdag 8 maj 2018
8:30 – 1

Se mer information här!


IBM Champion: Maria Nordin

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I am very happy and excited to announce that I am once again selected to be an IBM Champion. For the third consecutive year. For me this is a recognition of that I am doing something right, which is fantastic!

One of my greatest passions is collaboration and bringing people together in various situations. I truly believe that we are stronger together and can achieve higher goals and better results if we work more out loud and closer to one another. Closer doesn’t necessarily mean geographically. That’s where the extra sweet sprinkle is added. By using various collaboration tools teams, colleagues and companies can overcome distances both in distance and culture.

To work out load is to learn about your co workers. About their skills, experiences and strengths. In the same way they learn about you. And to use tools that are intelligent and helps you make the most of all your assets. Like for example Watson who (is she a person? 😉 ) can summarise a long chat discussion to short overview moments, suggest where you should store files and what to answer (and who) on emails. Just to mention a few.

I am truly happy I get to be in this collaborative community and to be part of this journey to a more digitalised and open work space.

Thank you IBM for letting me go on the carousel this year too!

/Maria Nordin



Did you know that we are experts in Security Solutions

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Together with our partner SecureDevice, who is leading in IT security in the Nordic region, we offer services and tools to help you protect your business.

Today, it is unavoidable that business critical infrastructure is exposed to attacks. You are most certainly attacked daily and probably without knowing it. The solution is to make the attacks visible to have a chance to protect yourself from intrusion and theft of business-critical business information.

What does the new data protection regulation (GDPR) entail in May 2018?

GDPR will affect all industries, companies and organizations which handle personal data. In addition to a more stringent security responsibility in your daily work, GDPR entails that detailed data on all detected data violations should be reported within 72 hours. This means that your IT department needs to establish security solutions to prevent, monitor and handle potential data violations.

Contact us to find out more about how our solutions in Identity & Access Management and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) can help you meet the new requirements.



DomainPatrol Social with support for IBM Connections 6

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You know IBM Connections right? What you might not know is, that we make it even more powerful, useful, better, tidier with DomainPatrol Social

And now it’s soon available for IBM Connections 6.

We can in 4 clicks merge two whole Communities. With everything in it! Neat and tidy. With the same function you can move and merge almost all content, like Wikis, Files, Communities, Activities, Users etc. All solving complex questions and issues from users and admins.

In our session we show real life examples how our customers have used DomainPatrol Social to:

  • use IBM Connections more. Sometimes users are afraid of submitting content as they don’t know where to put it
  • to upgrade their environment
  • to merge in companies they bought – with lots of new users and content
  • to handle movements of staff in the organisation
  • to handle unused and orphan content that clogs up the environment

Detach your content from the predefined places, and go social!

Contact us for more details



Join Tobias Gruvfält at Social Connections in Vienna

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We are presenting an inspiring customer case on how to achieve adoption without working with adoption. Join our customer story session at the IBM Collaboration Conference Social Connections 16-17 October in Vienna.

Infoware’s Tobias Gruvfält talks about how SEB can see trends and analyze the user behavior in IBM Connections beyond what is in Metrics reports. Tobias Gruvfält

Top management at SEB use IBM Connections for information sharing via blogs and bank office branches use it for knowledge sharing. But how is the rest of the 15,500 SEB employees using IBM Connections? It is impossible to ask them all, so you need to be smarter to find the answer.

Get inspired from our journey of how SEB learned to know the top contributors better. During this session we will also share our best-practices for how to drive adoption without working with adoption. Plus, we’ll show you what initiatives have been done in the past and what will come in a near future!

Join us here!


Infoware is Gold sponsor at Social Connections in Vienna

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When Social Connections comes to Vienna it was an easy choice for us at Infoware to be there too. Not only will we have a fresh release of DomainPatrol Social, the administration tool for IBM Connections, to show in our exhibitors booth. But we also want to take the opportunity to see our customers and network with colleagues from our partners and friends.

We have worked with IBM collaboration solutions for a long time, and with this new path IBM is taking by implementing what they call the Pink technology in IBM Connections, we are of course following that closely.

Are you ready to sharpen your collaboration platform? Come with us to Vienna and Social Connections by registering here.

Do you have any questions about DomainPatrol Social or our other products? Contact us here.


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