Infoware has delivered services and solutions for 25 years helping people and businesses to collaborate and communicate. Our belief is that cooperation through modern collaborative platforms makes people and businesses more successful and our planet a smarter and more sustainable place. Under these twenty-five years the technology has varied but our vision and purpose has stayed the same. We love technology and our migration services where we, among other things, move legacy data to new platforms motivates us to constantly learn new techniques and methods

Long term relationships

Infoware works long term with small and large organizations, where both premises and social strategies vary widely. Together with our clients, we are navigating through change processes, organizational and cultural challenges and alters the foundation of the way of working. Thanks to the decreased distances in the organization, customers can then cost-effectively increase knowledge transfer, productivity and innovation.

Infoware is owned by employees within the company, and there are no external financiers.

Why Infoware?


More than 25 years of  commitment to Collaboration, with highly skilled senior team members. Domino is a strategic competency for us. We can handle the most complex incidents and challenging development efforts, providing international support since 1997.


We provide defined SLAs and SOW´s that clearly show what services are included. We never give up; an incident is open until the root cause is found and a solution implemented.


Collaboration is in our DNA, and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service with a true and honest dedication to our customer´s success. We are easy to work with and accessible. We aim to remove complexity with a practical and straightforward approach.