• Business applications built for SharePoint online/onpremise.

  • Suitable for organizations that have a strategy based on Microsoft.

  • Reusable modular techniques and code libraries ready for new applications.

Business Needs – Examples

  • Need to migrate applications from costly legacy platforms.
  • Need of functionality that is not covered by standard systems.
  • The use of standard features has grown and become too complex.
  • Need for new business applications in Microsoft 365.
  • Need more functionality than PowerApps or want to avoid its licensing costs.

Business Requirements – Examples

  • Advanced forms and meta-data
  • Document-centric applications (attachments, forms or both)
  • Notification-based workflows
  • Roles and/or granular security requirements
  • Need for a wide variety of ”agent/batch” functionality
  • Integrations externally and internally
  • Office integrations
    Email, Excel, OneDrive etc.

Applications we have built based on ICF – Examples

  • Workflow application to manage items (goods, requests, repairs, claims, product-development material etc.).
  • Price list calculations (cost, margin, risk) and internal quote management.
  • Document Management application/ QA-application to maintain approved documents in a secure way, including different levels of access and tracking.
  • Production application to keep detailed documentation for produced items including certificates for personnel and materials.
  • SharePoint Online Application Management. Control access, roles and ”agent” functionality.

Application management – Life after production

  • Applications with the same code base are handled by the same support team, which means that errors sometimes are fixed even before they have been discovered.
  • Our support team is ready to act on incidents within defined SLA.
  • At least two developers have deep knowledge of the specific application.
  • Together with the customer, we produce an operational instruction.
  • Troubleshooting of reported problems and correcting minor software errors are also included in the service.
  • Application development can be ordered separately according to the agreed price list.