Infoware Application Service Plus is our premium service where we take a holistic approach to the operation of your Domino platform, so you can focus on your business processes. IAS Plus is a solution where a team of experts actively manages and develops your environment and is close at hand when extra resources are required.

We work proactively to eliminate downtime but also have a professional incident management with agreed service levels to handle unexpected events.

Infoware works flexibly with license management, and you decide which licensing model suits you best. With Infoware Application Service Plus we will be able to increase quality and security while lowering your total cost of the platform.


Complete service


We have a complete support for Domino. Everything from first line support to actions on specific system modules .

Incident management

Based on the level of service, we take care of all incidents. We are responsible for the operation and continuously address problems that arise. We are managing your Domino server.


Update and maintenance

Planning, status meetings, and reporting are included. We are maintaining a management plan for your server platform. You are always updated and knows what’s going on and what actions that are planned for  keeping  your Domino platform updated and secure.