Our Strategic Partners

We’re one of HCL’s top software partners in Scandinavia. We  believe we have a unique and valuable understanding of working with HCL and building customer solutions utilizing HCL’s software portfolio. We frequently work with HCL teams in delivering solutions for our shared customers.


As a partner to  Microsoft we can help organizations to secure the right solutions for improving their businesses. With one of the largest marketplaces in the industry, Microsoft provides a wide range of applications which empower us to offer our clients the latest technologies and innovations to support their digital transformation journey


Infoware is since many years working very close with our distributor Pedab. Together we have a very good track record of cost efficient compliant customer solutions and services.
Pedab in their own words is a specialized IT distributor working with the best partners in the Nordics with world leading technologies. Digitization is a global mega trend. It transforms how we work and how we consume, and opens for innovation in many areas, like operational efficiency, analytics, security, just to name a few. This is also what propels Pedab into the future.


The OnTime® products from IntraVision currently have more than 600,000 users worldwide. Infoware are partners to Intravision and resellers of the product.


Panagenda develops state-of-the-art solutions for communcation and collaboration IT infrastructures. Its extensive expertise ranges from reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and workload, to facilitating agile IT transformation. With over 8 million licenses in over 70 countries, panagendas customers benefit from solutions that increase performance, enhance transparency and control, as well as deliver exceptional value for money.