License subscription of DomainPatrol Social


A license rental model can offer a different way to get the tool you need to administer your IBM Connections environment. Pay as you go, and release the power of DomainPatrol Social without long term commitment. You may be used to the traditional way of buying software licenses, so below we present to you some of the advantages you may find by renting it.

Much lower Upfront Cost. Purchasing software has a high upfront cost. It could be a large investment of company capital to get the software, and maybe the time is not right for investments. Renting the software means removing that sizeable upfront cost. With our new rental model, you now have lower, more manageable payments on a regular schedule.

Easy ROI Determination. One of the issues in purchasing a perpetual license is that the high cost and undetermined length of use, makes it difficult to know what that investment is going to cost you. You know the price you paid for the software, but you don’t know how long you will use it. It could be one year, or it could be five or more. What if your licensing needs change? If your company is reorganized and the number of employees decreases, you now have an unused inventory of software. You can’t get your money back, and you cannot resell the software.

Short-Term Commitment. Buying a perpetual license means you commit your money to that license forever. By using a rental model you commit only for the time you need to use the software. There is no risk in having unused software. If you no longer have use for it, you stop paying for it.

Fill Temporary Software Needs. Do you have a project that has special needs? Rent the software you need while you need it. When the project is over, so is the rental.

In some cases, perpetual licensing is a better fit. Long-term needs are often better met through purchasing the product. Meanwhile, temporary needs, flexible installation needs, or a lack of funds for upfront purchasing, might mean that a rental model is a better fit for you.

The good news is that it’s possible to get started with our new rental model and if you change your mind you can purchase DomainPatrol Social and get up to 9 months of the rental cost back.

Please contact us for detailed advice on which buying model is more suitable for your company.

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