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We have experienced increased demand for our product DomainPatrol Social globally, which we of course are very happy about. To meet this interest we are doing a number of activities and promotions this year. First off, we are teaming up with one of our German partners Stefan Gebhardt at FSS, releasing a new webpage about DomainPatrol Social. Completely in German.

Now we can come closer to the German customers with first hand information and dialogue in your own language if needed. We think it's important that every customer fully shall appreciate the benefits and winnings of DomainPatrol Social, and we feel that we now are one step closer to that.

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  1. Patrick Kwinten  May 21, 2015

    if you type in "Infoware" in the german Google site Infoware Solutions does not really appear in the first items. Perhaps you could consider buying some advertisement from Google to be promoted when people in Germany use the Infoware keyword?


    Good luck! mvh Patrick


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