Working Together Apart: Using OnTime with MS Teams

Throughout the pandemic, Microsoft Teams is one of the apps that have seen the biggest increase in popularity. As of June 14th last year, the use of Microsoft Teams had grown by 894% compared to its base usage in February and this number only kept growing in the second half of the year resulting in about 115 million active daily users in Q4 2020.

The collaboration-tool combining features from both Outlook and Skype for Business enables you to hold incredible online-meetings both internally and externally. However, finding time for these meetings can be challenging and consuming, which is where OnTime comes into the picture.

The integration of OnTime in Microsoft Teams provides users with a versatile and complete overview of team members’ availability and schedules. The OnTime Group Calendar always stays updated as members are being added to or removed from teams giving users an easy way to schedule meetings effortlessly.



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