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Are you tired of paying high fees for consulting services that don’t deliver lasting results? Infoware are offering repeatable services regarding platform management and business applications development that are proven to work and can be customized to your specific needs. The services are provided at a fixed price per month, so you know exactly what you are paying for and how much value you are getting. All our services are delivered by staff located in Sweden who are Swedish citizens and security screened.

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Passion for Collaboration

+25 years of commitment to Collaboration, with highly qualified developers and infrastructure specialists who have a broad and deep knowledge of collaboration platforms from all leading suppliers. Our global support service has helped our customers with complex incidents since 1997.

Infoware Application Service

Managed service for
HCL Domino

IWS365 Platform Management

Managed service for
Microsoft 365

Infoware Code Foundation

Business applications for
Microsoft SharePoint

Enablement and empowerment

Infoware knows collaboration platforms

  • Together with our clients, we are navigating through change processes, organizational and cultural challenges and alters the foundation of the way of working. Infoware helps you become more efficient by optimizing existing technology, making smart technology choices and offloading the management of older platforms. Our consultants have in-depth competence and long experience. Infoware is ready to help you to be even better than you thought was possible.

People enable your digital journey

  • Infoware helps to enable your employees to work autonomously and efficiently from any device and location with secure and trusted content, while also being able to collaborate and socialize. A modern workplace is a key driver in your company’s digital transformation.

Smart technology choices empower people

  • Collaboration platforms are built with the users’ productivity and user experience in focus. Different platforms has different capabilities and features. We work with the leading vendors. We love technology and our migration services where we, among other things, move legacy data to new platforms never cease to motivate us.

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Customer pain:

Management of the platform

  • We know that platform management is a challenge for CIO´s.

  • And, even if your organization have skilled system administrators, you might want your team and consultants to focus on other prioritized IT projects.

Hand over platform management to experts and focus on your Digital transformation

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